Canada Revenue Agency: Teleworking client services agent and Various opportunities for Indigenous people in the Québec region!

by | Mar 01, 2022


The Canada Revenue Agency has created a new initiative called the Quebec Regional Indigenous Initiative(QRII) for more information please read the attached documents.

EN: QRII- EN- One Page
FR: IARQ- FR- One Page

For this initiative they have various opportunities available to apply for. For more information check the pdf flyers below

EN: Requisition number 57738605 , Requisition number 57562275
FR: PDF. 57738605 , PDF. 57562275

For more information on the recruitment process checkout the pdfs below.

EN: Recruitment_Steps_to_Apply_One_Pager_EN_02_11_MM
FR: Recrutement pas-à-pas. fr